Kevin Kacer


Kevin Kacer

Principal & Co-founder, CPA

Kevin Kacer is responsible for identifying, evaluating, executing and managing K-2’s investments. He is also responsible for investor relations and leading different business development initiatives.

Immediately prior to K-2, Kevin worked as an investment banker at Allen Mooney and Barnes (“AMB”). While at AMB, he worked on sell-side and buy-side M&A engagements, capital raises and strategic advisory. Kevin began his career in public accounting in the audit practices of KPMG and Kaufman & Rossin. He attended Florida State University where he obtained both his master’s and bachelor’s degree in accounting. He received his M.B.A. from Notre Dame University. Kevin is a licensed CPA in the state of Florida, and he currently sits on the board of the FSU Finance Advocacy Board of Directors.

Email: kkacer@k-2ventures.com

Phone: 305-240-0028 (M)

LinkedIn: LinkedIn Profile